Kent: A Garden Of England.

Sandwich itself, has a population of around 4,500, but it is surrounded by small villages, such as Eastry, Ash, Worth and Woodnesborough, which have always been regarded as part of the Sandwich area.

The larger towns of Canterbury, Deal, Dover and Thanet (Ramsgate, Broadstairs & Margate) and their shops and entertainments are within easy reach by road and rail.

The nearby towns & the channel ports plus the many golf courses, nature reserves, gardens and other attractions, all make Sandwich an ideal base to discover Kent, the Garden of England.

Make the most of your summer holidays by planning a few day trips out of London to Kent and Hythe Bay that all the family will enjoy. With Southeastern’s fantastic advance purchase Off-Peak ticket offer this summer, you can get to selected seaside destinations in Kent from £10 day return, and East Sussex from £15 day return*. So why not get out and start having fun? We’ve picked some of our favourite destinations for families on the Kent and East Sussex coasts. For a laid back day out, take the kids to this lovely little town with its long pebble beach. Deal has a pier with a café at the end of it and maritime curiosities like the Deal Timeball Tower. The Timeball on the roof climbs up its pole and drops down at 1pm every day. In summer it drops hourly from 9am to 5pm but do check ahead for occasional service stops.

The stunning, circular bastions at Deal Castle form a beautiful flower shape. It’s well preserved and can be explored from top to bottom, including the warren of dark passages within the bastion walls.

Keen cyclists? Head out from Deal station to Betteshangar Park for family-friendly cycle routes, nature and wildlife spotting, archery activities and fossil-hunting.

Budding sailors will love a day out to Ramsgate. Take a walk to the Royal Harbour and have lunch overlooking the yachts and boats, then put your sea legs to the test and book a Sea Searcher Boat Trip out to spot seals or opt for beach and bay trips with RIB Request.

If you prefer to stay on dry land, why not venture underground at the Ramsgate Tunnels? Built to keep locals safe from air raids during World War II, it’s a fascinating place to visit and see where over 300 families lived below ground in 1940.

Broadstairs is one of the prettiest coast towns in Kent for easy seaside pleasures and has a wealth of top-rated ice cream parlours and cake shops to satisfy tastes young and old. Lilliput Minigolf is a must on any family day out.

With older children, take your bikes and follow the Viking Coastal Trail – there are stunning beaches like Joss Bay along the way to reward your efforts.

Time your visit for the Water Gala on August 23. There will be games and live entertainment on the beach, funfair rides, air and boat displays, costumed characters, a Punch and Judy show and a fabulous fireworks finale.

DIY Wedding Flower Tips

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a DIY wedding, you get to personalise your big day with special touches, involve your family and friends, use home-made crafts and where possible, save money.

When considering flowers for your wedding, it is important to understand the pros and cons of trying to do it yourself, how much of the work you should take on and when you should seek the help of a professional.

As a bride, you will probably have an idea about the style of flowers you would like to use for your wedding. You may have specific colours in mind, or know the type of arrangements you prefer. Not only will these flowers decorate your venue, but they will be carried with you down the aisle and will feature in the majority of your wedding photos. Flowers are one of the most effective and beautiful ways of styling your special day, so getting the right mix is important and the expertise and knowledge required should not be underestimated. 

Quality vs. quantity
If you do choose to DIY your bridal blooms, keep in mind that you will need to allocate time (often more than you think) and you will need a certain level of knowledge in both selecting the flowers and arranging them.

Using cheaper flowers can actually require more skill; after all, if you are using stunning Grade A David Austin roses in full bloom it is easier to make a lovely posy than with a handful of Grade B pin-head tight roses from a supermarket.

An insider fact – when flowers are sold to suppliers, they are graded on quality, stem length and head size, all important factors in the final look of the arrangements and florists will usually order the best but more expensive ones for wedding work.

Be realistic about your abilities
Why not enrol in a wedding floristry course? Many florists run these courses as a one-day, fun and stress-free workshop, where you get shown how to make a bouquet, a table arrangement, a floral headdress and a buttonhole.

In addition to being taught the technical stuff, like how to wire a flower head and spiral your bouquet, you will also learn which flowers work well together and how to look after your flowers once you have got them home.

Ask for help
Florists are usually a very friendly bunch and don’t mind sharing information if you plan on buying stock from them. However, marching into a flower shop and announcing that you would rather spend money on champagne than their expertise, then proceeding to ask for advice on how to arrange the flowers you have grown at home won’t go down so well!

Insider knowledge
If you decide to do the floral table arrangements yourself, but think that the bouquets and buttonholes might be too much for you, then be honest and tell the florist that. If you are already ordering bouquets, the florist most likely won’t mind ordering some extra loose flowers for you.

Bear in mind, when shopping at wholesale flower markets, flowers are bought in wraps of multiple stems – and wraps can’t be broken up, so you may have to buy 20 or 50 stems of one type of flower. Florists usually buy more stock than they need for a wedding to allow for damaged heads, or flowers just not opening in time.

Timing is everything
Timing and seasonality of flowers is also crucial.  A gerbera or lisianthus doesn’t need time to bloom, but a rose can take three days to reach perfection and a lily up to a week.

Consider doing a trial run a few weeks before to avoid any potential nasty shocks, and then factor in time to make more than one trip over the course of your wedding week to buy stock.

As for cost, buying flowers in season means they are at their best and cheapest. Peonies in June are great, but in April they can be tiny and twice the price!

If in doubt – work with a florist
A florist like not only has buying power with a supplier, but knowledge of what is in season. We have time to dedicate to your big day and work within your budget, providing a full financial breakdown so that you know exactly how much it will cost and where your money is going.

We also bring experience and creativity to the mix. We will visit your venue to get a feel for what would work well and where and can advise you where to spend your money to maximise the ‘wow factor’ on the day. We know how long it takes to set a wedding up, how to pack a van, what needs to be done on site and what may take too long if the venue operate a strict turnaround policy during busy periods.

We are passionate about what we do and have a seemingly never ending list of ideas, not to mention props that can be hired – saving you the need to buy ten matching vases or 50 tea lights! In addition to this, we source beautiful ribbons and candles – all extra bits that you might not think of until you are trying to do it yourself.

If you do make the choice to DIY your bridal blooms, please take these points into consideration and remember to plan a colour scheme, source your props and flowers, allow a timetable, budget, ask for help when you need it and leave plenty of time to relax the night before your big day!

Who Can Buy From Wholesalers?

Entrepreneurs new to wholesaling often fear approaching their suppliers because they mistakenly believe that wholesalers will only trade with established, fairly large retailers. Happily, this is not the case. You don’t need to have a shop or even be in charge of an office full of staff to buy from a wholesaler like They are as happy to sell to sole traders as they are to large corporations. By their very nature, almost all wholesalers will state they are for ‘trade only’, but if you plan to buy stock and sell it on, you are technically a trader – you don’t need to have a limited company behind you to be eligible. Wholesalers are mostly ‘trade only’ for the benefits accrued from their manufacturers, for tax purposes and, of course, to set them apart from high street stores.

Most wholesalers like are happy to sell goods to you without proof of being ‘in the trade’, but some will demand evidence that you don’t plan to use their products for your own personal use. Again, if you are a budding sole trader new to wholesaling, this is nothing to fear. Proof of trading can be easily provided in the form of a business card or a letterhead bearing your trading name. An invoice from another wholesaler or a bank statement from your business account will also be sufficient to kick off your trading relationship. As with many aspects of wholesaling, there is great variation as to what individual wholesalers will require of buyers. If your local wholesaler demands a large minimum order or other unhelpful conditions from you, it makes obvious sense to visit other wholesalers until you find one that best suits your needs. Some wholesalers don’t even insist that you take the whole ‘batch’ (the groupings of goods that wholesalers put together to sell on) so you are able to pick and choose exactly how much of a particular product you need.

So, if you are afraid of approaching your wholesaler, the message is don’t be. The difference between wholesalers and retailers is less than you may think. You may have to jump through a few more hoops for your supplier but, essentially, both want your business – the vital difference being that wholesalers will cost you vastly less money. So have a look around – the wholesaler that could save you a large chunk of your budget could be just around the corner. Trade cards are issued on behalf of wholesalers like to reward loyalty from businesses who buy their goods. Working much like standard retail store cards, trade cards also allow you access to a wide range of wholesalers and are a valuable sign that you are an established trader.

The reason that small firms can save money by buying wholesale goods isn’t because they ‘fell off the back of a lorry’ and ended up in a warehouse via the yellow Robin Reliant of a cigar-smoking market trader from Peckham. There are many, wholly legitimate, reasons why wholesale products are so cheap. Firstly, by simple economics, buying in bulk shaves a significant amount off the retail price. Also, as you are dealing with wholesalers keen to offload their goods, not the perfume counter at Harrods, these savings can be increased even further by a spot of persuasion (i.e. haggling – more of that later). The stock may be end-of-the-line products that have been replaced by an updated model or design but still perfectly usable. You will need to do a bit of research to find out what kind of condition these goods are in, but most wholesalers clearly label their stock and what you see is generally what you get. Many wholesalers also stock catalogue or chain store returns. When a customer returns goods to a catalogue company, for whatever reason, the product is automatically sent with other similar items to be sold off by wholesalers. The wholesaler then break these batches up and sell the goods off in smaller quantities at a massively reduced price. Small firms normally make the biggest savings when buying products from wholesalers in this way.

Why Choose Shockwatch For Your Cargo?

You have an item to be delivered. It is a set of drinking glasses you are sending to your niece. They are valuables that are definitely crisp and fragile. You fear for its fragility despite the fact that it has been wrapped to assure you that they would not be damaged in the voyage towards your niece. You trust your carrier or shipping company to deliver the valuables , and yet you have this tingling feeling something could go wrong and your fine glasses may turn to shreds.

Here is where Shockwatch begins. It states green once you st i ck it on. The carrier is made aware that your glasses are in a stable condition because it is on green and if it strikes red it means something has happened to it. Somehow, the glasses arrive at your niece’s doorsteps with merely a scratch. You thank the carrier for a job well done. It is not because you do not trust your carrier, however, it simply has become a habit now of sticking labels that turn red and alarm when something is wrong. A habit that has proved that this device is here to stay.

Some devices invented come and go. But we see now the ubiquity of Shockwatches in almost every package used by business enterprises or even personal packages. It is so useful that every package of businesses can afford to have these labels sticked on to them. It is cost efficient in this way , and its activity is never lost in the many packages that are to be sent. By activity, it means that these things are devices and not just labels. They activate when the product is tilted to a precarious angle therefore alerting handlers , or at the end of the voyage giving the owner a message of how it has been through the trip. For more info:

The convenience of this device is obvious and so it can easily be mass produced in a careful manner so that each item of today c an afford this effective device, and we can go on with our lives without having to worry all the time about the shipment that will come in.

Perhaps it went red along the trip, and the owner gave the key to the handler in case this happens while being shipped. If this is so, then the handler may still be able to save the item before it reaches the destination by doing damage control. It happens. Equip m en t may simply need to be tilted back can be done and save it from total damage, you can check out for further info about their service.

If a device is convenient, effective and so easy to use, it really means that the device is here to stay. The labels describing the object on the package is important and is already dealt with. The tilting of the object to a dangerous degree is also dealt with and you can be worry free for the owner.

Damage to the product can be controlled once the red light goes on and a handler can see to it at the moment of the activation. All these spell it i s a device with a ticket to the future.

Advantages of Recruitment agencies

Understanding that recruitment agency together with range process within the groups which are unable to find a time, skills along with own resources which are very required in terms of managing employment procedures. There are several recruitment agencies like which offer provisional employees, others are for permanent purposes plus a few or more candidates for contractual arrangements. Aside from having an em ployment kind, there are particular benefits wherein the employers make use of recruitment agencies which involve the skills, expenses including the worker’s schedule than the employee maintenance.

  1. Of course, the skills and knowledge are most often included within recruitment agencies which can reach further the employer’s additional human resources section. When being in the hiring process, employment specialists plus the recruiting managers themselves are there to serve as supervisors in offe ring services which appear to be an ideal way for worthy recruiters including the worker specialist which commonly prefers on the lesser costs. However, recruitment employees within a certain agency mostly contain a higher equality of skills needed whic h can be linked towards the job itself plus the knowledge including the worker’s trend along with the recruitment practices coming from an on-going virtue of the worker’s settlement. Including also the familiarity of the industry, working under a recruitment agency which specializes specific backgrounds like proper health care suppliers for instance.
  2. Moreover, the network also matters since recruitment agencies like contain a wider range of available employees who can perform better for their employers. As for the employer’s part, searching during a hiring season for employees, for instance, would require a promotion for job vacancies such as for interview proce ss for candidates along with the hiring procedures in terms of documentation for a reliable short period employment schedule. More likely recruitment agencies do have established relationships towards the workers which have been identified already or known to be dependable, trustworthy plus honest which can complete the vacancy in just a few days or better, for hours only. Hence, having the network recruitment agency which has a wide maintenance wherein they can tackle on worthy workers who can provide the slot of the employer which has been anticipated.
  3. On the other hand, there are employers who get connected with potential services towards the recruitment agency just for sake of temporary workers of grabbing the chances in monitoring the performance of the employee himself along with its qualifications including the working methods right before providing the transient worker for a stable job. More or less, this serves as a broken down towards the revenue just when the time comes that the trial period is finished plus between the employee together with the employer himself are happy and contented enough in having a job which is compatible with them. Through the role of recruitment agencies, it consists of an increasing volume of the positions which ends up with massive savings that are being connected to the revenues, training expenses plus the insubstantial costs due to the revenues like the employee’s assurance itself.

Lastly, if you want to know more on how the process or the other functions of getting involved in a recruitment agency, you can look it up at

How to Build Your Career As An Outdoor Instructor

Have you wanted to have a job as an outdoor instructor? Love to go out and get in touch with the environment and nature? Well, you are just right on track. With proper training courses, you will learn how to become an instructor, and from there you can gain the job that you want as an outdoor instructor.

Here are few steps to build your career as an outdoor instructor:

1. Earn Knowledge – to land a job you must first make education in how to be an instructor. It is the first step to have a job and be able to teach. It is important that you know what you should do in certain situations and be able to provide the right information to the people that you will train as an instruction.

2. Finish Training Courses – one of the things that you should do first is to get involved in outdoor training sessions and complete the course. In this way, you will be able to learn things that you don’t just learn in your daily life. You will learn how to live and survive in a harsh outdoor environment which will help you gain experience and knowledge in how to overcome certain situations.

3. Increase Your Skills – you will be able to improve your skills once you get through the training courses. These courses will help you learn the things that you should do and the safety gears that you should wear for an outdoor activity. With these skills, you are capable of taking tough outdoor obstacles and be able to train people with your skills. It would be helpful if you get involved in different training courses that they provide so you will have more skills to offer and have a good reputation to land a job.

4. Gain Experience – with different skills you are going to be prepared to obtain expertise in the future. After taking courses and getting in touch with various outdoor activities, you will be able to know what to do for particular outdoor activity, be able to use the safety gears in a right way, improve your skills and be able to gain experience.

5. Shape Your Career – once you gain enough experience in different outdoor activities, you will be able to have the opportunity to develop your career by applying to be an instructor, since you are now prepared to train people and have enough knowledge to help them learn how to survive the outdoor environment.

You can visit and check out their free training services to help you learn and gain experience to become an instructor. Then, you can land a job. Most of this company provides a career for the person who wants to be an outdoor instructor; they will be able to help you shape your career and build your reputation. There is nothing else that can shape your future except you so start your training courses today and build the foundation for your future.


A Friendly Air-condition Service That Grants Your Demands in No Time!


Looking for accessible and dominant AC Service Corporation ? This is the perfect match for you! Kent Air-conditioning CO. saves your valuable time and money whenever you encounter malfunction or damage on your air-con. Stretch out in having a pleasant day at your office while working or at home while relaxing with the fresh and safe atmosphere. To know more about this company, check out below the benefits of their service or check out this site

Gives professional service

If you have a place which needs high-quality air-conditioning, then this business will give you satisfaction and pleasure. They distinguish the exact place and preservation of the material. Regardless of the brand you have, they can flex their skill according to your needs. There are a lot of services who collects money and doesn’t even render great service at all. Do not misuse your cash and precious time for that. Pick the right one!

Home owners or employer can benefits with the installment

At home, we can’t live without air-conditioning since it is needed and in-demand nowadays. However, all things or equipment don’t last long forever. But wait! Kent Air-conditioning will forever provide service that your equipment needs at any time. With that being said, you can always rely on the co-operation they give. Experience a long lasting air-condition will be possible to forever with their marvelous service.

Proper maintenance

When we are working at the office or resting at home, it is really annoying to see the air-condition’s dirt. Hence, it can destroy not only the machine but also to your health. Therefore, this company supplies extra offers for you to have a neat and clean air-con. Guests at your house or clients in your industry will be surprised by the great environment you have. No complaints will be heard at all. Have your AC maintenance here

Ask service at any time

It is unpleasant to experience if the service doesn’t respond in a timely manner. Since we all do believe that the time is gold and if you have the hectic schedule you won’t be able to notice the dust in your tools. However, with their assistant, you won’t feel pressure about thinking on your air-con for the company serves as quick as they can. They feel your troubles about the tool and how it is useful to people. You can check out their repair service here

Now that you know a lot about this company, you can also see for further information and updates about the services.

The season is changing any time now. It is always better to be ready whenever the hot season strikes. You can always turn the air-con on. If there is no one will nurture the equipment, you will be stuck with the heat of the sun and sweat all around you. That’s not good to hear, right? Don’t feel pressure; instead ask help anytime with their service. You’ll surely be amazed at the uniqueness of their assistance in no time.

What To Expect From Heat Exchangers Company?

There are many companies all over the world who are producing their beverages using heat exchanger machines. And if you’re a business owner who wants to start a business with beverages here’s the list of what you should expect from heat exchangers company:

1. Heat Exchanger Machines – they have a list of heat exchanger machine to help you with your production. You can check out this site for their scraped surface and for tube heat exchanger. Both are heat exchangers with different design to help you achieve the product your want to produce. If you need big production they would be able to provide you other heat exchanger machine that would suit your needs. Whether you are up for small to large production, they would be able to cater your heat exchanger machine needs. But make sure that they have the heat exchanger machine available because some of the companies might not provide the machine that you are looking for, so double check if they are offering the kind of machine that you need.

2. Application Process – there is an application process that would help you understand how the certain heat exchanger machine works. They would be able to explain the use of the machine and help you fully achieve your production by providing you the right heat exchanger for your needs. With the application process, you would be knowledgeable of what the heat exchanger can offer and be able to understand the use of the equipment for your products.

3. Requirements – you should expect that they would need you to submit some requirements in order to provide their service. They need these requirements to help you provide what you need for your production or business.

4. List of production made – one of the things that you should look for the company that provides heat exchanger is their list of production made. It would help you easily rely on their machine if they already have provided the heat exchanger machine for the type of production you want to make. So if you are in need of production for example health drinks then try to search if they already have built a heat exchanger machine for your production needs.

5. Distributors – don’t forget to check out their distributor’s area to see if they can provide the heat exchanger machine in your country. You can see some of the most popular country that they provide heat exchanger machines in Austria, Greece, Japan, Ireland, Korea, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, New Zealand, UK, Vietnam, Europe, Thailand, Philippines and etc.

You can check out for further heat exchanger machines to help you understand how their machine works for your production. It is important that you know what you are going to get for your production , so you would be able to understand the process in order to achieve the quality production of your product. With these heat exchangers you would be able to easy, fast, safe and reliable process of your products with quality and without taking too much of your time.


Important Things to Look into when Hiring Property Managers

When it comes to managing your properties, a qualified manager is always going to be worth his fees. You need to remember that he will have a huge responsibility in front of him not only in making sure that the properties do not stay vacant for long, but to ensure that they are kept and maintained in the best shape. This is why it is important t o take your time before you decide who to hire as the property manager.

Finding a property manager should be easy because there are p l e n ty o f them that can be found at . But people have to remember that not every single one of these ch oi ces will be capable enough to handle the pressures and responsibilities of the job. I f you are presently searching for the right per son to take on the task, you will need to ensure that you know the qualities you are looking for.

Due diligence

It is important that you conduct thorough research o f the names of prospects at that you are interested in hiring for the post. While doing the research it is important that you pay attention to the things t hat matter. For instance, check on the knowledge of the prospect , his experience when it comes to managing rental properties, the feedback of the clients that he has worked for before, as well as their full service costs. You will also need to know if this is one person who has established a n excellent work history all throughout t he time that he has been in the field.

Check the local players

Pay attention to the name of the local players first before you decide to focus your sights elsewhere. The best thin g about going for the local property managers is that they are well aware of the local scene. They are familiar with the market and with the people . They know the practicable things that are needed to be enticing and attractive to interested parties. There is also the fact that they will be able to get access to your property quickly since they are in the same locality.

Consider their qualifications

You will need to pay attention to t he papers and credentials that you r prospective manage possesses too. He has to secure the necessary license as a real estate agent where your territory or state is. It is always best , to check with the specific department which this industry falls under . This is to find out what are the specific requirements that these persons are expected to possess before they are considered to be a legit one.

Get references

You will want to talk to other investors that may have hired the same services before. You need to know if they were satisfied with the help and assistance in which they received from these persons. You need to see if these providers have left behind a whole set of satisfied clients or if they have left some rather disgruntled, disappointed clients along their wake. This way you will get a hint of whether it is worth to hire them or if it is best to look elsewhere.


How Key Fasteners Become Solutions

Key Fasteners have partnered with Unipart Rail Company which is a highly prestigious climb in terms of better partnership. But what does this prestige entail but solutions to everyday problems we encounter in our lives. Supplying rail nuts for railway needs is a very big responsibility in itself and yet they do not stop there in being of use to society. See for more info.

They customize items according to your needs. Some are disposables that we make use of in our everyday lives. They come in kits and are very useful.

With a thoughtful view, what are some of the key solutions this company bring to us?


To be precise , what does customizing a certain product do for the client , considering these are disposable products? There is a certain downtime to each product and having at hand , at the specific time of need , stops the downtime. Also, if the product is ordered only when the product is needed , overstocking does not happen.

Products are also traceable therefore clients are able to provide their criticism or praise for the product whenever they want to. Clients are not invisible people who use the products. They can stake their claim and are part of the creative process of these items. Eventually, the company won awards for their excellent support of their customers.

To reiterate , they are consistent with their construction of kits which contain everything one would need to feel complete in their journey on the road or in fixing everyday fixtures in the house. These kits which contain gaskets, sealants, fasteners, nuts and bolts are so practical to use that everyone cannot do without it once they’ve gotten used to having it around.

They also came up with a vending machine for tools. A tool’s use is clocked in so that everyone can make use of the item and no one can over use it. For example, a man takes a drill and the timer sets the clock. If he overuses it, an email is sent to the supervisor that the item hasn’t been back at the allotted time and the person will be reprimanded. This is a simple tool so that round the clock work is traceable and recorded. You can check out their site for variety of solutions available

Disposables, otherwise known as consumables can also be taken through bar coded cabinets and fasteners from bin systems. These are the traditional methods.

The vending machine system is cloud based system which allows traceability to particular staff members and allows for accountability in the workplace.

These solutions are well thought out therefore a system exists so that companies, even household daily grind are a process that is well studied and particularized right into its minimum level of activity. T hus, they are able to provide solutions to everyday needs. We become a part of the creation of these solutions by giving us a voice that this company integrates into their system. Like the railway station that goes on its well-timed cycle, every minute counts and this company knows it best.