Getting to know the influence of paper bags

When setting your eyes on disposable shopping bags, they can be found anywhere in your area, such as at department stores, gas stations which involve mostly on purchases. On the other hand, these lightweight packages first appeared during the 1970s that gave meaning in creating an easy impact on people’s shopping experience. Around an average of the Americans, they usually undergo on six shopping bags each week and with the population that reaches at least 300 million which is equivalent to 1.8 billion bags that are being used and disregarded at the US each week due to additional trash. However, there are plenty of reason why reusable bags are bringing good purposes for your shopping experience. You can even check out at some websites on types of reusable bags such as in

Plastic bags tend to decompose which usually takes around a thousand years to collapse that is dependent on the environment. Being in a landfill, avoiding it from the environment which can help in decomposing easily where paper bags are not doing it much better.

Furthermore, understanding the inability of the plastic bags to biodegrade, although they can collapse during the process of degradation due to the light exposure which occurs and enable to break down into tiny toxic pieces.

The estimation of around a million birds and other wildlife animals including the marine ones dies every year due to plastic since they sometimes confuse the floating objects as food as the little plank tons and jellyfishes for example then once they have eaten those, the plastic  causes sectors that affect the digestive area of the animals where they will go hungry until they die plus other creatures even drown due to the happenings of the massive plastic waste.

Paper Bag

Knowing that the recycle expenses when it comes to plastic bags overweight the cost which plenty of recycling equipment will not go for them rather than being reused, they are being disposed along with the other trash.

Based on the Environmental Agency, a gathering of plastic bags has been done at around a decade already at a percentage of 2% wherein the plastic bags are being reused at America. Additionally, the excess is being left to exist on indefinite landfills and the decomposition of oceans that causes leech toxins towards the water including the soil.

Fortunately, because of the light weight, plastic bags will not stick around on the landfills for too long since they are most likely to disappear and can stay around in the trees, storm drains along with the messy beaches. Plastic bags, however, create at around 10% of finished debris which causes pollution on some coastlines.

Lastly, rejected plastic bags have transformed farther to the Arctic Circle which reaches to the south of Falkland Islands based on the British Antarctic Survey. Plastic bags are created from petroleum products including natural gas that are non-renewable resources which the manufacturing process enhances the gas prices. Remember to rethink about paper bags since the US chops down around 15 million trees just to serve supplies on raw materials and paper bag production.