Hotels VS Serviced Apartments: Which Is For You?

When we go on holiday, we are always bombarded with brand name hotels such as Hilton and Thistle and Jurys Inn. Choosing the place to stay which is right for you as either a lone traveller, or with family and larger groups can be really tricky. You have to weigh up the pros and cons of both hotels and serviced apartments and decide what would be right for you. Put very simply, a serviced apartment has all the luxuries and convenience of a hotel but with more privacy and space, a home away from home. The average hotel room is literally a bed, desk, TV, wardrobe and a desk space with an en-suite whereas a serviced apartment has usually got one or two bedrooms, a kitchen, a lounge and a separate bathroom. Serviced apartments have a lot of creature comforts such as fridge freezers and washing machines and are designed for long term use at a self-catered level. In the past few years, the serviced apartments concept has continued its rapid growth and it is now a well-established model across the world and companies like in as far away as Australia are adopting these as the home away from home option.

10813776_a1e8e027b5_zServiced apartments are generally a cheaper option than a hotel as there are less staff hired to maintain the area and meals are generally not factored in which can save up to a massive 30% of the cost. Being in a serviced apartment long term can actually make it feel like you’re in your own home so home comforts are there too. Traditional hotels have a number of advantages such as easy search and booking options, low deviation in standards (especially in a chain), in-house leisure facilities and supportive 24 hour staff. However, most of these advantages have their downsides as the boost hotel rates and lock you in a lower space room with constant dependence on the staff. If you’re part of a large group or a family, serviced apartments like those found at can be more convenient especially if you have young children around. Separate rooms for mum and dad and the kids means a lot more time to unwind as you’re not stuck in the same room as little ones. While hotels have usually slots for meal times that have to be adhered to, the self-catering aspect of serviced apartments make meal times something more flexible. Usually equipped with every appliance you could need, serviced apartments offer far more freedom with your time.

Hotels are automatic assumptions when it comes to booking a trip and almost every packaged deal on holiday is a flight and a hotel rather than a flight and a serviced apartment. It’s not always convenient though when hotel rooms have limits on numbers sleeping in the same room. Serviced apartments can be up to 3 bedrooms and generally have far more space for guests to spread out. Serviced apartments tend to be well stocked with coffee machines and coffee, toiletries are complimentary and free us of the Wi-Fi facilities are a given in most accommodations. Netflix and satellite TV are always an option in serviced apartments and although hotels do have some satellite channels, tend to offer Wi-Fi as an added expense. I’ve yet to hear of a hotel offering a Netflix service, so that’s definitely a bonus!

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