How to choose flowers on your big day

The wedding day is the most memorable moment in a couple’s life, especially for the woman. It is the pronouncement of love and exchanging of vows of two people. Wedding days are always exciting and full of happiness. You could imagine that after all that you’ve been through as a couple, after all the fights, the sleepless nights and all the crying; here you are now, about to face another big chapter in your lives.

5987734355_c6a38b2796_zPlanning your wedding is definitely fun and exciting, but it can also get exhausting if you take on a lot of things seriously. When planning, there are a numerous things that go through your mind, like the venue, the color motif, the gowns, the flowers and many more. Most people say that wedding is expensive and one thing that would make it expensive is the flowers. Choosing your flowers on your wedding is also important and wedding flowers Kent could help you with that. Here are also some tips that you can consider in choosing your flowers on your wedding day.

Look on to bridal magazines and books

If you really don’t have an idea as to what flowers are you going to use on your big day, you can start off by looking unto the bridal magazines and gardening books. This can give you a lot of ideas on what flowers to choose and how to arrange them to make it look classy.

Know your budget

Before getting too excited, you must first know how much you are willing to spend for these flowers. Be honest with yourself and don’t always go for the expensive ones even if you cannot afford it. Keep in mind that expensive doesn’t always mean that it would look good, and cheap doesn’t always mean that it would look bad. The appearance of the flowers would actually depend on how you arrange them, and not on their prices.

Work with your florist/ wedding planner

You must choose a florist or a wedding planner who is willing to work with your specified budget. There are lot of wedding planner Kent which could help you in planning for your big day and could work with your budget. You must discuss with them what you want, and you must also be open to their suggestions.

Consider the color of the flowers

When choosing a flower, keep in mind that you should not only look unto the kind of flower to use, but you should also consider its color. The color of your flowers must match on the colors of your gown and on the bridesmaids’ gowns; in short, the color of your flowers must coincide with your color motif.

Consider the season

If you are on a budget, the season as to when the flowers would bloom would be a big factor on you. Remember that not all flowers bloom all year round, some blooms only on autumn or on spring. Choose the flowers that bloom on the season where the supposed date of your wedding would take place so that you won’t spend too much money finding flowers that are off-season.