What Should You Include with Wedding Invitations?

The invitations that you can send for your wedding day can vary greatly depending on what you and every other bride wants. Wedding invitations follow a relatively standard format that doesn’t necessarily require much thought on the part of the grooms – and brides to be. But many couples now take more creative approaches to their wedding invitations, using them to evoke a certain theme or to establish if the wedding will be formal or casual.

Companies like lilacandwhite.com offer hundreds of different designs and while wedding invitation designs might have become more flexible over the years, couples should still make sure to include certain information in their invitations to avoid being overwhelmed with questions from guests excited to attend the nuptials. There are a few things that you should include in the invites and the following are the most important:3956445542_657d6727e0_o

Date and time: it may sound simple but don’t forget to include these! Brides are usually so caught up with all the wedding madness that the tiny details are the ones that fall through the cracks. If there will be a considerable amount of time between the ceremony and the reception, you may want to include a handful of local dining suggestions so guests can grab a quick bite to eat before the cocktail hour. Websites you can design your invites on like lilacandwhite.com can advise the best things to include on the main invite as well as the insert included.

Venue information: Guests will need to know where you are tying the knot as well, so be sure to include the address of the ceremony site as well as a link to the website. This is quite important if your church and reception are held separately. The address will help guests find the venue, while the website can prove an invaluable source of information about the venue.

Reception information: Couples whose receptions will be split from the ceremony should include the same information about the reception hall that they did about the ceremony site. Reception hall information is often listed on reception cards, which can include information on the front and back to save paper and money on postage.

Hotel information: Perhaps your chosen venue or reception are in the deep dark woods with barely any public transport so including an insert with hotels nearby as well as their rates is always appreciated. You can add in and design as many inserts as you like via lilacandwhite.com and if you can, include a link to each hotel’s reservation form as well – this will save time for your guests.

Reply cards: So many people don’t bother to respond to wedding invites which is just plain rude of course but some brides who are annoyed at rude guests actually only later realise that they haven’t included an RSVP note. Couples with wedding websites can even include a link to their sites and adding this link into your invites with companies like lilacandwhite.com is crucial to getting that coveted reply.

All of these pieces of information are necessary for your wedding and you need to ensure that if you include inserts, the typography and colours all match and they are able to be easily read.

Hotels VS Serviced Apartments: Which Is For You?

When we go on holiday, we are always bombarded with brand name hotels such as Hilton and Thistle and Jurys Inn. Choosing the place to stay which is right for you as either a lone traveller, or with family and larger groups can be really tricky. You have to weigh up the pros and cons of both hotels and serviced apartments and decide what would be right for you. Put very simply, a serviced apartment has all the luxuries and convenience of a hotel but with more privacy and space, a home away from home. The average hotel room is literally a bed, desk, TV, wardrobe and a desk space with an en-suite whereas a serviced apartment has usually got one or two bedrooms, a kitchen, a lounge and a separate bathroom. Serviced apartments have a lot of creature comforts such as fridge freezers and washing machines and are designed for long term use at a self-catered level. In the past few years, the serviced apartments concept has continued its rapid growth and it is now a well-established model across the world and companies like apartmentsofmelbourne.com.au in as far away as Australia are adopting these as the home away from home option.

10813776_a1e8e027b5_zServiced apartments are generally a cheaper option than a hotel as there are less staff hired to maintain the area and meals are generally not factored in which can save up to a massive 30% of the cost. Being in a serviced apartment long term can actually make it feel like you’re in your own home so home comforts are there too. Traditional hotels have a number of advantages such as easy search and booking options, low deviation in standards (especially in a chain), in-house leisure facilities and supportive 24 hour staff. However, most of these advantages have their downsides as the boost hotel rates and lock you in a lower space room with constant dependence on the staff. If you’re part of a large group or a family, serviced apartments like those found at apartmentsofmelbourne.com.au can be more convenient especially if you have young children around. Separate rooms for mum and dad and the kids means a lot more time to unwind as you’re not stuck in the same room as little ones. While hotels have usually slots for meal times that have to be adhered to, the self-catering aspect of serviced apartments make meal times something more flexible. Usually equipped with every appliance you could need, serviced apartments offer far more freedom with your time.

Hotels are automatic assumptions when it comes to booking a trip and almost every packaged deal on holiday is a flight and a hotel rather than a flight and a serviced apartment. It’s not always convenient though when hotel rooms have limits on numbers sleeping in the same room. Serviced apartments can be up to 3 bedrooms and generally have far more space for guests to spread out. Serviced apartments tend to be well stocked with coffee machines and coffee, toiletries are complimentary and free us of the Wi-Fi facilities are a given in most accommodations. Netflix and satellite TV are always an option in serviced apartments and although hotels do have some satellite channels, tend to offer Wi-Fi as an added expense. I’ve yet to hear of a hotel offering a Netflix service, so that’s definitely a bonus!

If you’re looking for stunning serviced hotels across Melbourne, apartmentsofmelbourne.com.au offers cost effective high quality apartments close to local amenities and fantastic sights to be seen across the city. Excellent transport links, free breakfast and Wi-Fi, what more could you need from your holiday accommodation!






Best Places for NYE Fireworks in Melbourne

Every year the cities across the world hold wonderfully bright celebrations to herald in the New Year and fireworks are the most popular way of doing this. As with everywhere, Melbourne holds some spectacular fireworks to bring in the next year in total style and the skyline itself turns into a kaleidoscope of amazing colour as the fireworks engulf the sky. If you decide to holiday with your family to Melbourne over New Year then you’ll want to know the best vantage points and while you can look up your local ones online, this guide is here to help you know where to see the best fireworks on the big night. If you head over to apartmentsofmelbourne.com.au you can book your accommodation for the holiday and see whether you would be based near to the brightest fireworks.

  • Federation Square

Usually the setting of the biggest New Year’s Eve celebrations in Victoria, the programme itinerary usually includes live music concerts, dancing and australia-1042033_640sometimes DJs. There are scores of family friendly activities and it’s a hop on the tram away from accommodations that you can find at apartmentsofmelbourne.com.au. As with most free events it’s wise to turn up early so you can get a good place to view the fireworks and enjoy the activities. It’s worth remembering that Federation Square is littered with bars, cafes and restaurants that will give you a good opportunity to get some dinner while you’re out. Don’t forget to book in advance so you don’t get crowded out. It’s great for families as the main square is both an alcohol and glass free zone which makes it very safe to be in.

  • Docklands

You can catch a train to the Southern Cross station or jump onto the tram right outside your holiday apartment and reach the Docklands that way. You can really enjoy great views of fireworks from behind the Etihad Stadium, surrounding Victoria Harbour in Docklands.

  • Treasury Gardens

New Year’s Eve fireworks displays can be viewed from the fabulous Treasury Gardens in the central business district. Parliament Railway is the nearest station here!

  • Kings Domain Park

Located just south of the CBD between St Kilda Road and Alexandra Avenue you can get to Kings Domain Park and it is just a wonderful location to get brilliant views of the fireworks.

  • Flag Staff Gardens

Yet another exciting location for catching all the action in the central business district. You can see the best fireworks here!

  • Yarra Park

Apart from the midnight fireworks there is usually a display earlier in the evening which caters specifically for families so no one misses the celebrations. The Early Eve festivities kick off around 6pm and there is a huge amount of free entertainment on offer with games and activities for the kids. A superb music line up is also always on offer for those who love to dance and it’s just one big party.

The best bit? All trains, trams and buses are FREE from 6pm on New Years Eve!


Top Ten Christmas Getaways:

December holidays and breaks away divide up a cold and dark winter very nicely and when you set off the expense of drinks parties for the neighbours, standby gifts for droppers-in and other extras against the cost of a holiday, it could turn out to be a comparatively cheap Christmas, too. Whether you choose a sunny spot in the southern Europe with warmer weather than at home, or would like a guaranteed white Christmas, a change of scene can be as good as a rest. You’ll also enjoy festive meals expertly cooked and served which will set you up for a truly happy new year.

In this guide, we finish what we started by telling you five more exciting destinations you can take. We’ve focused more on the abroad destinations than your standard coach holidays UK but you can always book yourself a Christmas market break to tag onto your travels, so you can truly enjoy an authentic Christmas experience.


  • Italy: Naples Old Town is famous for its large and elaborate nativity scenes and you can enjoy the stunning Amalfi Coast without the summer hoards on a Christmas holiday in Sorrento, a favourite resort towns for Brits since the 19th-century. From here it’s an easy journey over to Pompeii as well if it takes your fancy!
  • Switzerland: Dreaming of a white Christmas? A stay in the Swiss Alps will definitely tick that box! Climb through snowy mountain meadows surrounded by mountain peaks on the cost little Jungfrau Railway to the ‘Top of Europe’, the highest railway station on Kleine Scheidegg Mountain. The famously nimble railways operate on Christmas Day.
  • Austria: The country that gave the world Silent Night. The charming Christmas carol was written in a small Austrian town in the early eighteen hundreds. The Salzburg Christmas market is in festive spirit right up until Christmas Eve, wafting gingerbread and warming gluhwein as you browse the stalls and hear the carols around the tree. The sun on the snow can be dazzling on a scenic steam train ride through the Tyrol, so bring those sunglasses alongside the winter coats!
  • Germany: Anyone who is anyone will tell you that there is absolutely nothing like a traditional German Christmas, and you can soak up the atmosphere in a number of beautiful small towns while cruising on the Rhine River. Unpack once and your cosy floating hotel will take you past fairy tale castles perched on crags, and pretty villages through the scenic Rhine Gorge and to Rudesheim with its charming mechanical music museum, picturesque Koblenz and Cochem, famous its fine wines. The striking town of Oberharmersbach is the perfect base to visit the Alsace region and the Black Forest.
  • Iceland: For the best time of year to look for the Northern Lights, Christmas is the time. On a tour of the Golden Circle in the Land of Fire and Ice, the famous waterfalls take on a magical Narnia look, frozen as they plunge and bubbling geysers shoot from the moon-like landscape.


There is no reason why Christmas holidays cannot be new adventures and these are just some of the welcoming destinations.


Must tips if you are shopping for a wedding dress

Tips to consider and things you should remember before going to wedding dress shop

Have budget on mind

You should make up your mind if you are going to spend about $5,000 – $13,000 on your wedding dress, you should bother checking or fitting a dress that is out of your budget range. You must set a budget range so that you will not have to like things that you can’t afford. There are nice wedding dresses that are not so expensive if you know where to look, maybe ask someone who have experiences in buying wedding dresses. If you are looking for a best wedding dress, check out our website at https://www.joyceyoungcollections.co.uk. A must to remember to anyone that you will need to pay attention to pay for alterations if possible. You will also need to buy shoes, jewelry, and accessories to compliment your dress. So, you should spend your money more wisely, there are lot to prepare for a wedding and you do not want to be sorry when you do not have a budget for important things.

It is better to prepare early than late

This also important in preparing for you wedding dress. You do not want to rush things, are you? Choosing a perfect wedding dress is very time consuming, wedding only comes once in your lifetime unless you are getting a divorce, let us hope we do not come to this. Some people prepare for their wedding dress at least 5 months to find to the perfect dress for them. Give yourself a proper time and preparation, you do not want to start late, your options may be limited or making a decision that make you think why I even buy this in the first place. If you have found your perfect dress, do give a consideration for any alterations to make if you think fit and make it better than it was before. You may also want to try custom gowns that take about five to seven months to make, depends on your tailor. This website can give you some good wedding dresses https://www.joyceyoungcollections.co.uk/shops/glasgow/. But mostly wedding dresses with lots of embellishment can take longer up to a year. Why it takes so much time in finding a wedding dress? You do not want a bad wedding, do you? So you should start early in preparing for your wedding dress.

Making up your mind that you really want most

Setting a plan starting from your venue, date and time, which of the month you want to get married, deciding at your theme if you want it casual or formal, and choosing your dress. Considering what kind of style that will perfectly fit you shape. If you have a personal design in your mind them you should go to a tailor. If you have a particular designer in your mind, ask them if they have some design to show you in their collection and maybe you might even ask for a discount. You may also ask your family, friends, and relatives if they can give you suggestion that may help you ease you’re planning for big day.

Five Important Things on Dressing for Weddings and Special Occasions

You just got invited to a special occasion.  Your daughter is now grown up and her wedding is coming up.  You can’t miss an occasion if the person who invited you is someone dear to you. Dressing  up for special occasions will just need to consider the following.

  1. Your personal style

Shopping for your dress will be a lot easier if you know your personal style. Get the right cut and style to suit your personality.  Choose the right fabric and materials that would last.   It’s a chance to meet people.  Even talking to your family members requires you to be well put together.  A style for a dress should be something that you are always comfortable with.

  1. Browse online

A lot of beautiful dresses are available online. Measure your body parts before you place an order. Get the right measurements to make sure the outfit you’re buying online will fit you.  You can have something customized if you don’t find anything you like. Mix and match online before purchasing your outfit.  Fashion websites will let you browse on their wonderful collections.

Visit http://www.joyceyoungcollections.co.uk/

  1. Invest in a good pair of shoes

A good pair of shoes can be worn on different occasions.  It can be paired with other dresses. It should be a sturdy one especially if the occasion might call for a lot of dancing. Whether you are the bride or the mother of the bride, the heels should just be at a low level. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable while wearing those precious shoes.

  1. Makeup

A makeup is almost always done by professionals. It would make you feel more special. If you are confident in doing your makeup, just go ahead and do so.  Put emphasis on your eyes. The shade should depend if the event would be on daytime or night time. Your foundation should be the right shade on your skin color. Don’t forget your moisturizer and sun block before putting on makeup. Just allow hours of preparation before the special event to get your makeup done.

  1. Hair style

A beautiful dress will be more emphasized with a great hair style. Some would sleep on their curls the night before the event. Some would choose a messy updo, a French side braid or fish tail. The hair style should be aligned with your outfit.  Your hair can also become an accessory on off shoulder dresses.  Use hair accessories as necessary.  Choose hair accessories that can make your hair look more glamorous.

Dressing up for weddings and special occasions is also making the person who invited you look good. You don’t want to show up just to embarrass your daughter on her wedding day.  You should be well dressed from head to toe.  You don’t need to look overly expensive.  Be simple and elegant, works for all occasions.  Choose a comfortable outfit that matches your hair and makeup.  Showing up on your best outfit will assure you a warm welcome from the crowd.

Why it is Better to Hire a Wedding Planner

You are about to walk down the aisle and you need to get the preparations done as soon as you can. You are not sure yet though if it is a good idea for you to hire a planner at www.ukawp.com or just take care of the whole preparation on your own, if you still need some convincing though, it might help to actually explore the things that you can expect if you will decide to seek out the assistance of a wedding expert to plan and organize things for you.

Hiring a wedding planner is a good idea due to the fact that it will actually help you have a lot of time. Planning a wedding requires hundreds of hours to get completed. But, if you will have a planner brought in to take care of things for you, you can expect that much of the bulk of the planning process will be lifted off your shoulders and will be taken care of by the planner instead. What you get in return is an experience that is hassle-free.

If you really want to set a budget and to stick to these numbers too, then a planner is your best bet. This is an expert on the things that are needed to get a wedding planned and organized. He will know what are the things that you need to cover and the other expenses that you will have to pay for. He will make sure that you are getting the kind of wedding that you want for the budget that you are sending. He will be the better expert when it comes to keeping track of the spending so you never go overboard the budget you have set.

While some people might actually view hiring a planner to be just an additional expense that they can actually do without, you will find that bringing one on board is actually a good way of ensuring that you save some money. These coordinators tend to have a wide range of connections and network of people that are often involved in this whole wedding process. They are close and often have great working relationships with vendors needed for the supplies required for the big day. They are the best people that can pull some great rates and discounts for these vendors.

5K1C2ZXZZPThey can be expected to offer very great advice to the couple and to their respective family as well when it comes to how the whole event should be planned. They know this whole thing as they have won this a number of times before you can expect that out of the number of weddings that they have organized in the past, they should have picked up some industry secret that they can extend to you to ensure that yours will be no less than perfect.

With a wedding planner at hand, you can expect that there is going to be somebody that you can rely on in the event that there may be few events and untoward incidences that will happen on the wedding day. It is his job to ensure that everything is on point. This is why you can be rest assured that he will be the most reliable in ensuring that anything that has a potential to spoil your big day for you will be properly dealt with.


What to Look for When Hiring a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is certainly no mean feat. There are so many things that go into the preparation that you cannot help but sometimes get overwhelmed about the idea of having to take care of everything yourself this is the reasons that a lot of people would actually want to secure the services of a wedding planner instead. Going for the assistance of one is a good idea since he will have the experience, the skills, the network, and the right people at his disposal to ensure that your big day is going to be nothing less than perfect.

You will want to take a look at a number of factors concerning the choice that you will be making before you will decide to hire somebody at www.carmelaweddings.co.uk that you will be getting assistance from. You need to remember that there will be a number of options that are available for you. Your task now is to find the right professional with appropriate qualifications and level of experience so you are sure that he will not disappoint when he is tasked you get the job den for you.

Asking the right questions before you will make your choice at www.carmelaweddings.co.uk is certainly very important, you have to remember that there are a lot of things that you need to get to know about these providers and what they are capable of before you give the green light to have them take care of your wedding concerns for you. Use this opportunity to ensure that at the end of the day, you get those that will make your big day as perfect as possible.


Ask about what kind of services these providers have to offer. You need to know what it is that you will be getting assurance from before you will decide if he is going to be the right fit for you, you need to know the scope of the assistance that he will be extending to you. This is very important so you are confident that he can do anything that he can to get the event as perfectly organized and prepared for you as possible.

Find out if he has the necessary experience. It is important that you go for people that have the most exposure in the field so they would actually know what it is that they need to do to ensure that at the end of the day, you get people that are going to get the job done right. Use this opportunity to ensure that at the end of the day, you have somebody reliable and efficient who can get things done right this time.

Ask for testimonials for other people that have tried the services of the same planners before. This will give you an idea in what to expect if you are to seek out their services. Do to forget to check if they ever have problems and misunderstandings with these providers so you will know what to expect long before you will decide to secure their services formally.

What will happen to a single Muslim Woman?

Some of the women in town do not care if they will grow old single. Some even prefer to be single than get married. However, this is not the way a Muslim girl will think. This is because some Muslim community will never accept a single Muslim girl for a reason that as a Muslim and a follower of Allah and his book, the woman should get married to preserve the religion.

Some women will get depressed and their own family and friends will leave some alone. This is because no matter what reasons that Muslim woman has prepared, it will be never be accepted by the community.

thoughtful young muslim woman with arms crossed

The people around her will make up issues on her that might affect her social and emotional standing. Some if the issues are as follows.

  • Too Choosy Many people believe that if a Muslim woman is not yet married at the age of thirty, she is very difficult to please. This means that the girl is too demanding or has a higher standard for a spouse than the guys around him. However, this is not always true. There are times when the woman is only looking for a possible spouse who can understand her well.
  • Not a Wife Material This is one of the best-used accusations people used to hurt a single Muslim woman. They believe that the woman is not married because all guys around her find her immature and not ready to become a woman. However, this is not true at all. It might be that the woman is not yet ready to become a wife because she still wanted to achieve more through academics or to the business.
  • She is Way Too Competitive Some people believed that the guys are turned off by how competitive the girl is towards the guys. The real thing is that the woman does not need to compete with other guys because she is special on her own way. The real reason might be because the woman is too smart for the guy to handle but it does not literally mean a competition.


Asian muslim woman praying

These are some of the issues the single women who are in marriageable years are facing every day. Some of the issues are way too crazy to be real but it still affects the dignity of a Muslim woman. Some are forced to jump off the wagon and marry anyone who offers them marriage (no matter the appearance), some are sulking and depressed. Some girls find it unbelievable and would not give any attention to it but some women are doing their best on their own pace.

One of the things or opportunities that these single Muslim women can choose is through joining a matchmaking site like the www.hummarriage.com. These websites will match you to the opposite sex depending on the characters that you are looking for a spouse, your personality and sometimes, your appearance would even matter.

Choosing a Place to Stay

To travel from place to place means to look for a place to stay and, with that, more people are becoming concerned on what place accommodation is best when staying at a certain place when travelling. Since the importance of having a place to stay has risen by leaps and bounds, here are some tips on choosing for a place to stay:

  • If you are seeking for a place that is the most similar to being at home, then it would be recommendable to stay at a rental home. Not only can it accommodate your entire family, you can also be freer than staying at other stay-in places. It is also the most private place to stay in because no one would serve you and be monitoring you from time to time. The only downside to this is that to avail this service means to be using a lot of money because you are not only renting one room but also an entire house.
  • For those who seek a luxurious place to stay, then you guessed it, a hotel is your go to place. These hotels are surely the classiest place to stay when you are away from your true home and it is also one of the priciest. In staying in these places, you are paying the beautiful scenery, the greatly designed room you have chosen, and the service they provide. But the price you pay is worth it because these places ensure that you will receive the best quality service you can receive from a home away from home stay. Some hotels even have better scenery with a few additional functions such as hotels that are nearby the beaches. The same is true for resorts if you are looking for a place of luxury and functionality.
  • If you are looking for place with a southern hospitality, then it would be best to choose a bed and breakfast place to stay where you will have a comfortable and unforgettable experience. The people in these places will also accommodate you not only as a guest but also as family. These places are usually found when you travel to certain islands and they will provide you with a cottage-type room with great functionality. For more information on bed and breakfast place services, you can check it at co.uk.


In the end of the day, it would be up to you to choose what makes you more comfortable when staying at a place during your travel. These are just among of the places you can choose to stay in. As long as you know your budget, your time to stay, your needs and desires, then choosing for a place to stay is not that hard at all. You can also check on the reviews and comments made by previous stay-in visitors at the place you are interested to stay in to make sure that these places satisfied its guests. All that is left when you have already done all things that is needed for ensuring your place to stay is to pack up and go.