Things to Consider When Organizing a Themed Party

You have wanted to organize ahuge party for the longest time. You have decided to go for athemed look since this makes the party unique and even more fun. It would be interesting to see what ideas your attendees can come up with when whipping up the costumes that they will be wearing to make sure that they fit with the theme for the event. Still, before you shop for essentials at, you want to make sure that you are well aware of what to prepare. So, here is a checklist for you.


Create an invitation list: You will need to decide on the name of the people that you will want to attend the event. This is important since the number of people who will confirm their attendance on the party date will have to be the basis of the kind of venue that you will want to set for the event. It is always advised that you invite twenty percent more than what your venue can hold as in most cases., only 70%-80% of those invited are going to attend.

Decide on the theme: You will need to have this decided ahead of time. The reasons for this is because you will want to make the announcement to your guests beforehand to give them the time to prepare their costumes and to make sure that they will look the part on the big day. This will also help you decide what kinds of decors to put up and what other props you might need to get the venue set.

Plan the menu: You will need to decide on the food that you will be serving along with the drinks too. No party is ever fun when there is nothing for people tomunch on or no beverages to drink. You will need to decide whether the food is something that you can whip up yourself or if there is a need for you to have to call in a catering service to take care of all the necessary preparations for you.

Decide on the venue: You will need to scout for a good setting that will accommodate the number of people that you have invited and who have confirmedtheir attendance to the event as well. It is always bested that you start early when scouting for a venue. This is especially true if the party is happening during a peak season as in the case of Christmas and holidays. This isessential, so other people will not beat you to reserving the ideal venue for the event.

Make sure you have entertainment: You will need to have music playing or have a band come in to take care of playing the songs that are going to be played for the event. You need to make sure that you have the appropriate music played on the event too to make sure that it truly lives up to the theme that you have chosen. Also, make sure that you will book these performers ahead of time and get a contract too so you know that they are set to perform for you on the big day.