What can be Inside the Marquee Hire?

As a first timer in using marquee hire for your event, you may be curious on how it will be set up and what could be the decorations that you should be expecting. Absolutely it will be your option on what could be the design of the marquee after it is being set up. You can even plan first on what should be the theme of your event, the decorations you need and all the other things that must be on the marquee. It is important to design your marquee depending on the theme of your event. This is to make your guests feel special and is going to take it as a wonderful experience.

So what can be really inside the marquee hire? What is perfect for what occasion? What decorations that can match to your event? These are the questions you may be asking when you want to know what is inside the marquee hire. Just like if you are planning to use marquee for your wedding, it is perfect to plan ahead of time on what would be your preferred theme for this. There are unique wedding celebrations that are using different themes. It can be more flowers inside the marquee, photos of you and your partner, or an audio video presentation playing inside the venue to entertain your guests.

circus-456387_960_720The other decorations and themes that you can put on are:

  1. Bar, dance floor, lighting effects and the most important one is the sounds which must be really included. This is giving your guest an excitement and pleasure on the event. These additions are best for adult guests and events.
  2. For children’s party, you can place an area where there are chocolates and other sweets that children would love. You can place balloons on the side of the marquee where they are safe. You can also design the balloons with cartoon characters. There can be also a play area that the kids may enjoy more on the party.
  3. For a wedding event, flowers are mostly the decorations that you would see inside the marquee hire. You can also add cloth with the color of the motif of the wedding. Place the cloth in a decorative manner which can be noticeable to your guests.

     4. The decoration for your marquee hire can be also good with tropical designs. It can be in different colors but maximum of three colors to avoid over decorating. It can be the flowers, small trees on the sides and one medium size of a tree in the middle.

There are so many ideas that you can add for your marquee hire for the event that you want to organize. You just need to make a list of the important things you need to add on to your event so it would turn out what it should be. It is good to design your marquee with what you prefer so you can enjoy it more and would never forget the day you organized a wonderful event. You can visit this website www.aabellmarqueehire.co.uk for more ideas about marquees.