What will happen to a single Muslim Woman?

Some of the women in town do not care if they will grow old single. Some even prefer to be single than get married. However, this is not the way a Muslim girl will think. This is because some Muslim community will never accept a single Muslim girl for a reason that as a Muslim and a follower of Allah and his book, the woman should get married to preserve the religion.

Some women will get depressed and their own family and friends will leave some alone. This is because no matter what reasons that Muslim woman has prepared, it will be never be accepted by the community.

thoughtful young muslim woman with arms crossed

The people around her will make up issues on her that might affect her social and emotional standing. Some if the issues are as follows.

  • Too Choosy Many people believe that if a Muslim woman is not yet married at the age of thirty, she is very difficult to please. This means that the girl is too demanding or has a higher standard for a spouse than the guys around him. However, this is not always true. There are times when the woman is only looking for a possible spouse who can understand her well.
  • Not a Wife Material This is one of the best-used accusations people used to hurt a single Muslim woman. They believe that the woman is not married because all guys around her find her immature and not ready to become a woman. However, this is not true at all. It might be that the woman is not yet ready to become a wife because she still wanted to achieve more through academics or to the business.
  • She is Way Too Competitive Some people believed that the guys are turned off by how competitive the girl is towards the guys. The real thing is that the woman does not need to compete with other guys because she is special on her own way. The real reason might be because the woman is too smart for the guy to handle but it does not literally mean a competition.


Asian muslim woman praying

These are some of the issues the single women who are in marriageable years are facing every day. Some of the issues are way too crazy to be real but it still affects the dignity of a Muslim woman. Some are forced to jump off the wagon and marry anyone who offers them marriage (no matter the appearance), some are sulking and depressed. Some girls find it unbelievable and would not give any attention to it but some women are doing their best on their own pace.

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