Why Coffee Shops Are So Popular

In Colombia, the coffee shop culture does not really exist, or, at least, is still very new. Famous for its coffee I imagined that even the tiniest Colombian village would have a coffee shop. I mean, they do exist but they are nowhere near as common as I had expected. The ones that do exist are very different from those in the UK. They are places where you go in, have a quick drink and then leave immediately. Nobody spends the afternoon enjoying a peaceful moment. People don’t always go to coffee shops like cocoagrindernyc.com just for a drink, but to spend time with friends or read a book. This “coffee shop culture” is very popular in the UK and it is a fantastic way to spend time with loved ones. It isn’t popular everywhere, though. Most coffee shops have a cosy atmosphere. They are places where you can sit for hours as you sip your coffee. People go with friends and family to chat and relax after going shopping, or meet up just for a gossip. Alternatively, many people go alone. Coffee shops are great places to read in peace, or to sit and write. And with free Wi-Fi in many places, it is not difficult to spend a lot of time in a coffee shop.

People never seem to come in for a leisurely drink but for a quick – almost business-like – meeting, even if they are with family or friends. The idea that a person would go to a coffee shop alone is, apparently, ridiculous. Every time I go alone with a book, other customers look at me as if I had horns. I could be painting a wrong picture, of course. This may be the culture only in other Colombian cities perhaps have a more developed coffee shop culture. Coffee shops have a lot of things that your average study space can’t offer. You have easy access to study snacks and drinks if you feel your energy dip, and you also have the option to sit outside if the inside is too crowded or noisy.

Patrons also like working in an environment that isn’t stressful. In comparison to the library, coffee shops offer a more laid back atmosphere to students. People there are smiling and enjoying good conversation. No one is fraught with anxiety about the test they have the next morning.

The noise is a steady, drone of muddled conversations and the clinking of cups in a coffee shop. Students claim the background noise isn’t distracting since its volume remains at a consistent level while they do their work. The main reason why people study in coffee shops, however, is that they enjoy running into people they know. Students see their friends coming by, and they can chat with them for a nice study break.